Monday, June 24, 2024

Careful with that initializer_list part 2


 When using Boost.JSON I stumbled upon the following issue:

boost::json::value jv(1);  // creates a number type
boost::json::value jv{1};  // creates an array type

 The value object is something like this:

struct Value

 This gives the following invocations:

Value vl1(1);  // invokes Value(int) constructor
Value vl2{1};  // invokes Value(std::initializer_list<int>); constructor

 This is a know issue in C++. A programming language should be unambiguously be interpretable and the C++ had decided that in such case the initializer_list has precedence. Not sure if that's a good solution since the ambiguity may only appear when running under the debugger or at customer site. Personally I would require that double braces are used but the C++ committee has decided otherwise. The uniform initialization problem is still not solved.


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